Technical Museum of East Iceland and Seyðisfjörður local heritage museum

Wathnes house - The Old Telgraph Station

The Old Telegraph Station, also called Wathne´s House was built in 1894 as a private home for Norwegian entrépreneur Otto Wathne.  In con-  junction with the laying of the first submarine telegraph cable between Iceland and the continent in 1906 it became the first telgraph station in this country. The first cross-country telephone line was carried by 14,000 telephone poles from Seydisfjordur to the capitol, Reykjavík. The open- ing of the landline 29. september 1906 marks the birthdate of Icelandic telecom. In 1973 the Government donated the house to the town of Seydisfjordur to shelter a museum.

Vjelasmiðja Jóhanns Hanssonar

Among the historical buildings conserved and maintained by the museum is Johann Hansson´s mechanical workshop. Founded in 1907, it is now the oldest of its kind in the country. It soon became a thriving business and in 1918 the original building was enlarged and a metal-foundry was added and used for producing fishing equipment and machine-parts. In 1967 the company went on to become one of Iceland´s leading shipbuilders and produced steel ships until it was closed in 1993

The Museum is a non-profit organization.  Our costs are mostly paid by public funds and donations from the general public.  We are grateful for any support given.
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