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The museum´s main focus is on the influx of modern times around 1880 to 1950. Technical innovations in areas such as mechanics, electricity, communications, telephony, commerce and architecture are interlaced with changes in lifestyle and milieu. We also serve as a museum for Seyðisfjörður local heritage.  Exhibitions are animate and seek to recreate the atmosphere of the times they portray. The museum surroundings are an open air recreation area, outstanding for taking walks and enjoying each others company. We support a family-friendly policy and work progressively on producing informative settings as well as constructive and worthwhile entertainment for guests of all ages.  Prices, opening hours and location.

Printing Matter exhibition – Technical Museum sat. 3/23 2019 4pm.

Artists work - more info to come soon

Saturday March 23. 2019 


Saturday March 23, 16:00 – 18:00, Technical Museum of East Iceland, Seyðisfjörður. 

Amy Uyeda (CA), Apolline Fjara (FR), Eva Bjarnadóttir (IS), Labhaoise Ni Shuilleabhain (IE), Mary Buckland (CA), Olga Adele (LV), Shanice Tasias (CH)

On Saturday, March 23, seven artists will present the results of their participation in Printing Matter, a thematic residency organised by Skaftfell in collaboration with the Technical Museum of East Iceland

Skaftfell’s thematic residencies are designed as platforms for knowledge exchange, dialogue, and collaboration between participants. For the past three weeks, this fourth edition of Printing Matter has brought together a group of artists from around the world. Under the guidance of  Åse Eg Jørgensen, and assisted by Piotr Kolakowski, they have explored the field of artist bookmaking, traditional and experimental printing methods, and techniques for producing print series and multiples. They have worked on historic printing machines that were once owned by the artist Dieter Roth, and are now located in the Technical Museum of East Iceland. Other work stations have been the silk screen facilities at Öldugata Frumkvöðlasetur, and the Skaftfell studio above the gallery. 


Åse og Piotr

Åse Eg Jörgensen teacher

Piotr Kolakowski

Piotr Kolakowski teacher

Codfish being printed

Codfish being printed

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